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Career Fair

The Career Fair is just one of the many highlights of the ASABE Annual International Meeting. It is an outstanding networking opportunity that allows interested individuals to connect with Fortune 500 companies, agricultural and bio-based businesses, bio-research companies and major land grant universities looking for qualified candidates.

The ASABE Career Fair provides an opportunity for employee and potential employees to come together informally and share information. Academia will also be represented with opportunities at the masters and doctoral level.

Employers register their job positions at the ASABE registration desk and receive an interview table number. These openings are posted on a bulletin board with the corresponding table numbers located near the ASABE registration desk for review. At the designated time for the Career Fair, prospective employees are invited to seek out employers of interest and exchange information.

There is no additional fee for participating in the Career Fair. A minimum of one-day registration is required.

For company registrations for the Career Fair click here