Please contact Jessica Bell with any Annual Meeting questions.

Who is my Technical Community Program Chair?

These volunteers help coordinate and schedule all sessions within their technical community.  Please contact them with questions regarding AIM session scheduling, or contact Jessica Bell,           


AIM Program Chair

Timothy Shepherd

AIM Program Vice Chair

Srini Ale

Applied Sciences & Engineering Technical Community (ASE)

David Lanning

Global Engagement (E-2050)

Prasanta Kalita

Energy Systems Technical Community (ES)

Mark Elless

Ergonomics, Safety & Health Technical Community (ESH)

Michael Pate

Education, Outreach & Professional Development (EOPD)

Michael Pate

Information Technology, Sensors and Control Systems (ITSC)

Haiyan Cen

Machinery Systems Technical Community (MS)

Bruce Hawkins

Natural Resources & Environmental Systems Technical Community (NRES)

Kyle Douglas-Mankin

Plant, Animal and Facility Systems Technical Community (PAFS)

Shafiqur Rahman

Processing Systems Technical Community (PRS)

Akinbode Adedeji

Young Professionals (YPC)

Gayle Baker

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