Poster Sessions

Attendance to this meeting denotes compliance with the stated policy.

  • Electronic recording of technical committee meetings will not be allowed except by ASABE staff or committee leadership for the exclusive use in drafting meeting minutes. The recordings will be limited to audio only and will be deleted after the meeting minutes are drafted. Consent from all participants must be secured before recording begins. Even if one participant objects, no recording will be made.
  • Photographs will be allowed to be taken of presenters and attendees of technical committee by ASABE staff or if prearranged by a requesting individual.
  • Photographs of projected/presented information during technical meetings will not be allowed.




  • Poster presentations will be submitted electronically to post on the Virtual Meeting Site.
  • All poster presentation uploads are due no later than June 26th.
  • If you are not registered for the ASABE 2020 Virtual Annual International Meeting, your poster will not be posted.
  • Posters will be available to view on demand on Monday, July 13 after the General Session.





There are a variety of ways you can approach recording your poster presentation. Here are some ideas and standards for you to consider. (If you only intend to submit your poster without audio, please read both numbers 5 below.)
Audio recordings should be 3-5 minutes long.


  1. Record your narration on your smartphone. Use an external microphone or a set of wired or wireless headphones that have an inline mic to achieve better audio quality.

  2. Use a handheld recorder like a Zoom H1 or a recording device used to record a lecture. Place the device within 10-12 inches from you to get a consistent audio level.

  3. You can also record directly into your computer using Windows Media or Quicktime, Audacity – a freeware audio editor or any number of apps.

  4. We recommend doing a test recording of your material for just a minute and two. Then listen back to make sure you are coming through loud and clear.

  5. Posters must be saved in PDF format.





  1. When possible, record in or convert to MP3, between 96kbps up to 128kbps @ 16 bit.  Do not upload uncompressed wav or aiff files.

  2. Good quality audio is essential. Consider using a USB microphone or a set of in-ear or wireless headphones with an inline mic. This will provide superior results to your computer’s built-in microphone.

  3. When you have recorded your presentation, please use the following nomenclature in naming your audio file using your seven digit submission ID: POSTER_YOUR NAME_XXXXXXX.MP3

  4. When you are ready to upload the presentation, use this upload link.

  5. You may use the same link to upload your poster PDF, please use the nomenclature in naming your PDF using your seven digit submission ID: POSTER_YOUR NAME_XXXXXXX.pdf.



Please include your name and contact information on your poster. The maximum width is 48 inches (130 cm); the maximum height is 36 inches (100 cm). The file size may not exceed 25MB All files must be saved and submitted as a PDF.